Saturday, May 5, 2018

Communion After Dark!

Greetings dear Gothlings!

As you may or may not have noticed, I've recently put a new small ad on the right sidebar of very State page on my website for an Internet Radio/Podcast known as Communion After Dark

This Alternative Dark Electronic music show first started in February of 2008 and hails from Tampa, Florida...home of Ybor City's famed The Castle nightclub. Helmed by DJs Mark Paradise, Bryant Griffin, Maus, and Tom Gold, this weekly show runs just under 2 hours long but packs in some amazing music form various DJ sets interrupted only by some casual and friendly banter and a round of outlandish shots of alcohol! If you are playing at home, have a shot with the crew when the call to drink chimes -- "When you drink!" Communion After Dark is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, Mixcloud, RSS, TuneIn, PodBean, Podcast Chart, and on YouTube

I must admit that I only discovered Communion After Dark just a few months ago on YouTube while searching for some background music while working on the New Goth City website, and I have fallen in love with it ever since! It is the perfect selection of music to play while listing all of the Goth, Alt, and Industrial events happening in America! Plus, during the talking segments you really get a feel that you are just hanging out with some like-minded friends -- arguably, I wish that the talking segments were a tad longer as to better know the DJs...but I'm not complaining!

The biggest asset of this weekly show is that their mission is to showcase the latest music from the record labels themselves! A huge tool for DJ's from anywhere wanting to find the next killer tracks!!! 

If you already know about Communion After Dark, then I've probably bored you enough with details that you already knew about...But if you are not familiar with them (as I recently under a rock...) then you should check them out ASAP!!! Trust me, it's sooooooo well worth it!!!

See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles

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