Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy Birthnight!!!

Greetings my dear Gothlings!

For a few years now I have been touting a uniquely Goth idea that I have since coined as "Birthnight." The idea is quite simple...instead of celebrating a singular 'birthday,' we nocturnal kind should get to have two celebrations bookending our arrival date into this dismal existence...this is known as BIRTHNIGHT!!!

Here is how it works:

For this example, let's use my actual date of birth: January 22nd -- Fun Fact: it's the same birth date as Lord Byron, who was a key leader in the Romanticism Era...just sayin'. So with the "birthday" set as January 22nd, the first part of Birthnight is to start at sundown on January 21st and lead up to Midnight. With this in mind, Birthnight Part One should play out like a New Year's Eve party with your friends and family in which the climax of the evening comes to counting down to Midnight to ring in your 'official' birth date, just like on December 31st...and then party on until the bar, restaurant, nightclub, or morgue kicks you out after last call!

The next step to a proper Birthnight celebration is to play hooky and try to stay in a semi-comatose state for the majority of your actual birth date's daylight hours, in this case on January 22nd...only being conscious enough to start getting ready for Birthnight Part Two!!!!

Ready for Birthnight Part Deux??? This again starts at sundown and finds your friends & family gathering once again for a second night of celebration and dark debauchery! Just as the night before, a countdown and toast should be made to ring out your 'official' birth date as the night moves on to January 23rd at Midnight.

Did you get all of that? This celebratory technique also has the added bonus that if some of your friends or family can't make it to one party they will have a second chance if given the choice! I personally think that this is a really fun and unique idea to celebrate each successful rotation around the burny bright yellow ball in the sky! I hope that you will try it out and make it into your own Goth tradition!!!

See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles

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