Monday, May 14, 2018

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!

Greeting my dear Gothlings!

Recently, as a follow-up to my blog post about mainstream men's fashion sense being dead and several posts on Instagram & Facebook, wherein I call out or "shame" certain individuals for dressing like slobs, I have received a handful of comments from people (surprisingly enough from Goths themselves) criticizing me for being too judgmental of certain people's attire while getting upset when I, in return, get judged for my fashion choices. Essentially, I am politely being called a hypocrite with double standards...and to those people I will firmly state: "Why, YES...Yes I am!!!" and now I will gladly explain myself as to why!
As a Goth male, I take great pride and attention to my appearance. I enjoy, and even feel more comfortable, dressing elegantly and stylish...even if my style is of my own creation. Moreover, I don't shy away from my "feminine side" what with my long hair, pointy black polished finger nails, and smokey eye make-up...I can understand why some clueless people might think that I might be gay. This is my look and I wear it PROUDLY!

The hypocrisy comes into play (like for so many other Goths besides me) when I dress and look the way that I do to set myself apart from mainstream pop culture and then bitch about how members of mainstream pop culture stare and point at me for looking so "off-stream!" The struggle is real!!! C'mon...we all do it! 😄

So if I am a hypocrite that way...yup! be it!!! And do I judge mundanes for their manner of style and dress? YOU BET YOUR BAT'S ASS I DO!!! But here is the major difference: While I might get upset, pissy, or even angry at Day-Crawlers for being judgmental about my appearance is because I know, deep down indeed, that I took great care and thought to look the way I do. 

Now, on the flip side of this, if and when I criticize or even harshly judge a Day-Crawler for his or her attire and appearance, it is for a very different and justified reason for doing so! You see, my criticism is not about style or elegance...but rather the lack thereof!!! My major gripe with mainstream culture when it comes to this issue is how people have become sooooo lazy and slovenly in their manner of dress since the late 1960's! It's all about comfort these days! Like life now is one giant Walmart! (<----click the link to see some hysterical photos of what I'm talking about!) Hell, I will wear my tuxedo jacket and a cravat to buy a roll of paper towels and eye make-up remover from the local drug store!

See the photo above with the guy's face blurred out? I took that photo in New York City's Rockefeller Center by NBC studios, at 11pm, a few weeks ago in April. Now I'm sure (and hope) that he wasn't coming out of a Broadway show or cocktail party, but seriously...did he just roll out of bed? And let me make a strong statement right here -- Flip Flops should ONLY be worn at the beach, by a pool, in college dorm showers, gym locker room showers, or in the laundry room! THAT'S IT!!! There are NO OTHER excuses for wearing flip-flops out in public!!! It's just lazy and offers NO foot support or protection. Moreover, NO BODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR STANKY FEET!!!!!

*Amem*cough*cough* Moving on...

On the other end of the spectrum (as I have discussed in a previous blog post), you have people going to the theatre, museums, restaurants, or even the opera dressed as if it was laundry day at the University of Hipsteria!!! 

So, am I going to continue fashion shaming these Day-Crawler slobs for being grossly under-dressed while I get singled out for my care and attention to detail in my fashion sense??? You bet your sweet black heart and soul I will!
...And I will forward to sharing it all with you right here!

See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles

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