Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Romancing the Goth Tip #6: SMACK! (not Xris)

(originally posted on 3/25/11)

Greetings my dear Gothlings!

(For the men) Bottom line...If you hit a woman (or any other forms of abuse), you don't deserve love, romance or any woman in your life. Don't do it...EVER!!! And if I hear that you did, I will personally hunt you down like the animal you are! Grrrrrrr...

(For the women) If you are in an abusive relationship, try by any means neccessary to escape it. I know it's easier said than done...but it has been done before, and you can, and should do it!


Since this original post back in 2011, I have learned the hard and personal way that nearly 40% of all reported incidents of domestic abuse involve men being the victim or on the receiving end of physical abuse. Abuse is abuse, violence is violence, no matter what the sex or gender. Always get out of an abusive relationship!!!

See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles

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