Monday, May 14, 2018

Romancing the Goth Tip #4: Birthday Thank You

(originally posted on 3/24/11)

Greetings my Dear Gothlings!

O.k., this is one of the coolest romantic ideas I’ve ever come across…and it doesn’t involve giving anything to your girlfriend (this one works best for men, but not necessarily, it can work for women too). Be prepared to earn a ton of “Brownie points!” On (or slightly before) your significant other’s birthday, send their mother (or both parents) a 'Thank You' card thanking them for their existence! It was due to her/them, in the long run, that your lover is in your life…acknowledge that. You should however have had met the mother and/or father in question before doing so…otherwise it might seem a bit creepy. Also, be prepared to up the ante the following year with a small and thoughtful gift along with the thank you card. Your significant other will be sooooo impressed by this, unless…of course…they despise their parents.

See you in the Dark!

Sir William Welles

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